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    webpages everything including in one only quota.


What is the Rentingoption Web:

Renting store Web is the option to have a car-manageable Virtual Store by a monthly payment yet including. This system is ideal to have the up-to-date store without it costs to him more€¦ With the system Renting Shop it has including the design of the page, lodging, natural positioning and maintenance according to plans to contract.

Store Online to sell by Internet with your Virtual Store

The concept to pay a monthly payment by everything including has more advantages as: positioning Web, outstanding discharges in Renting directories Web, updates and maintenances, etc€¦ This unique payment, would include all the services necessary to have an operative webpage the 24 hours.

Store Online to sell by Internet with your Virtual Store

Characteristics saleonlineshopRenting lies down Web:

Renting Web ideal Shop for small and medians stores that can have a store yet online including: Renting Web Shop the 24 hours, available to receive and to inform to its clientsinto all products and Renting advantages Web Shop includes:

  • Design soles Web.
  • High Domain.
  • Managing installation component lies down.
  • Professional servant.
  • Accounts of E-mail.
  • Update of versions code modules, plugin and components installed in the store online.
  • Basic positioningby a keyword by the province.
  • Statistics Web of visits of its page with Google Analytics.
  • High SEO positioning in thematic directories.
  • High in finders and Google It pleases Local optimization Business Center.
  • Footbridges of Servired payment/4B/Paypal.

Form of payment:

  • Discharge and installation lie down, components, modules, payments, etc, with up to 20 products 150‚¬

  • EVERYTHING INCLUDING: by 50.00 ‚¬/mes by domiciliation, the amount of the monthly payment, home from the signature and acceptance of the conditions of hiring.