Renting proposal Web design webpages option 20

With the Renting system Web it can begin already with his webpage, updates and maintenance in an only payment where all the services necessary will be included to have an operative and positioned webpage in the finders.

RentingPremium Web: 20

  1. Hosting of professional servant.
  2. Statistics Web of its page.
  3. Up to 2 publications contained to the month.
  4. High www.suempresa Domain .com.
  5. Accounts of E-mail This email address is being protected against the Spam robots. She needs to have qualified Javascript to be able to see it..
  6. Update of the webpage.
  7. High in the finders and Google It pleases.

    Hiring form of payment:

    Domiciliation by the amount of the monthly payment, counting from the signature and acceptance contract services of hiring.

    Monthly payment debit: Monthly; 20‚Ĵ + igic 1,40‚Ĵ = 21,40‚Ĵ