TOTAL presentation

There are many companies and professionals who do not have webpage to canalize all the information and services towards their Web
This supposes that all the information on its company in Internet will be exclusively in the hands of others, so that, in the first results of searches of the finders they will not be our information so that they locate to us and they contact of professional form with us.
We give an option him to have the presentation of its company, where it will only pay by the services of the servant (Hosting), professional, high mail in thematic directories, and we created their webpage to him of presentation withthe contents and all the necessary one to have a useful webpageto the service of you and its clients.

That it can have:

Presentation company: Where it will be spoken of the company and more important qualities.
Services company: Description of all the services of the company.
Form of contact: A form so that their clients can ask for information.
Map location: If it has a site we will include a location map.
Car-manageable webpage, the client can publish contents, supplies and promotions from the administration panel.
Page with URLfriendly for finders.
Statistics Web.
The client will contribute logo, images and texts who wishes, to include them in the design Web and presentation of his company.

Hiring: Discharge 26,75‚Ĵ
Monthlyquota of = 15,00‚Ĵ + I.G.I.Cas of the second month