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Positioning Webpages with Adwords or Pago By Click€¦ (SEM)

Announcements by Sponsored connections, Payment by Click (Pay-Rep-Click), with Google Adwords: they will be positioned above or to the right of the Google finder, whenever the users look for something related to the campaign and chosen keywords.

These sponsored connections (announcements) are, without doubt, one of the more profitable methods of publicity at present, €œit only pays when the user clicks and visits his page€?.

We are speaking in addition to users who then are interested in that product or service. Unlike other means it allows to interact at the moment with the objective public who is interested in our services and to offer it without this supposes a great investment.

- Proposals: We will take care to select the most excellent keywords and to plan the campaign in Adwords. We will combine the campaign with discharge in promotional directories who will simultaneously allow a natural positioning us in the finders.
From 300‚¬ monthly.

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